Delivery upon order verification should take between 7-10 days.

You should see results in 2-3 days. LeachLife and LeachLife Plus are 100% soluble after introduction and becomes active immediately.

Be sure to read the label, but upon professional pump out of the septic tank.  Initially, use 4 gallons of LeachLife or Leachlife Plus into the distribution box, followed by a thorough flushing with water to get into the leach field.

They both physically and chemically change the soil structure that loosens soil compaction by “cleansing” each soil particle of sodium buildup, thus allowing water to percolate efficiently and create proper drainage throughout the leach field.  Additionally, LeachLife Plus contains EBC that will break down solids in your septic system.

Yes. Extreme hardpan (concrete like) is the only exception.

Look for the soil particles’ ability to “stick” tightly and a lack of sandy quality.

Calcium, sulphur, and water.  LeachLife Plus also contains EBC.

The presence of water collection around the septic tank site that will not dissipate, sewage smell, back up of toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, etc.

Yes. Refer to the label.

Yes.  However, it is most effective applied through toilet, sinks, or septic systems.


We recommend after the initial treatment in order to maintain the efficiency of the drain filed that 1 gallon of LeachLife or LeachLife Plus be introduced in the distribution box every 6 months.