Is the area above your leach field soggy and wet due to lack of proper water infiltration? Do you smell foul odors associated with your septic system inside your house or when you’re in your backyard?

Failing septic leach fields in most cases are a result of soil particles tightly bonded together caused by the presence of excessive salts, like sodium, magnesium, and potassium.

When this situation occurs, water will not drain freely through the soil profile.
These salts come from household cleaners, phosphate detergents, water softeners or just normal human waste introduced into your septic system from your house.

LeachLife and LeachLife Plus are revolutionary new products that physically and chemically recondition the soil in your septic system leach field and solve drainage problems.

LeachLife and LeachLife Plus are 100% soluble, odorless compounds that will immediately start working to re-aggregate the soil in your leach field allowing for better water penetration.

The result is a free-flowing system and a dry surface above your leach field.

LeachLife and LeachLife+ are both environmentally safe and easy to use. LeachLife+ is the only product available that in one simple application, combines improved drainage in septic system leach fields. And it comes with an exclusive enzyme bacteria concentrate that naturally breaks down solids such as tissue paper, hair, and grease suspended in your septic tank and leach line.

For best results, follow label directions and apply LeachLife directly into the distribution box leading from your septic tank to your leach field.

To help break up solids in your septic tank and leach field, LeachLife+ is applied directly through a clean out opening in your septic tank or through a toilet, or sink in your house.

Buy LeachLife and LeachLife+ today, and solve your septic leach field problems!

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